• May 15, 2019 · The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers Android 9.0 Pie firmware backed with a powerful processor and sufficient amount of RAM. Although this configuration is sufficient enough to drive this smartphone quiet all the time, still you might face many problems/bugs/issues that happen on Android smartphones. During this guide, we’ll help you fix/troubleshoot some of the most …
  • It should be under your phone settings. Looks like you're choosing not to send your number out to other people. If that's not it, then talk to Verizon and they should be able to fix it for you. Not...
  • I have been trying to turn call barring on for my incoming calls for past few days. Every time i try the default password 0000 , it shows call barring rejected. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks !
With call blocking, you can automatically reject incoming calls from specific phone numbers. Blocked callers will hear an announcement that your number isn't accepting calls. Other calls will ring through as usual. Samsung Galaxy S series (S7 and higher), A series (A5 and higher), Note series (Note9 and higher), Xcover4, J3, Z Flip series, FE series.
Here's how to send unwanted calls directly to voicemail for your Galaxy Core Prime.
Dec 09, 2013 · Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Reject List feature that will help you block the unwanted numbers on your phone. To block phone calls on Android SGS4, follow these steps: Go to Setting and then tap on My ...
Set quick decline message android phone when incoming calls or messages. Using this android feature, you can quickly reply text message to caller. You can compose or edit response messages to send when incoming calls decline. This quick declined message feature help when you are traveling or bike riding, busy on meeting, and other important ...

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Dismiss the call: Swipe or tap the Decline icon. Reply with a text message: Choose the text message rejection option, which sends the caller a text message but doesn’t pick up the line. In all cases, when you don’t answer the phone, the call is sent to voicemail. The call log shows a list of recent calls incoming, missed, and rejected.
  • Whenever I get missed calls, there is an option to block that number.. but I can’t find it if I take the call then find out it’s just a telemarketer and want to then add it to that block list. Once I take the call the option to block doesn’t show up and can’t find it in any of the menus.
    • To manage auto reject/accept mode: 1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 application and touch Menu key > Call settings > Call rejection. 2. Touch Auto reject mode to set the auto reject feature on for All numbers or Auto reject numbers (auto rejects calls from numbers in the Auto reject list). 3. Touch Auto reject list. 4. Touch to manually add ...
    • answer or end a call Tap the answer/end button on your speakerphone to answer or end a call Make a call The call will automatically transfer to your speakerphone* . If not tap the answer/end button reject a call* Double tap the answer/end button to reject the incoming call redial last number* Double tap the answer/ end button when the
  • Jun 30, 2018 · Could be a few things. Was the card removed at all? If yes, then it could have been damaged or gotten a bad file on it. If not, it could be damaged again due to a bad file, or there could be a virus, malware, etc on the phone causing the issue.
  • Jul 12, 2018 · In my opinion, Auto head units are—cost aside—better. So Is an Android Auto Head Unit Worth It? Ultimately, an integrated Android Auto system is better than just using your phone—but is it $1000 better? Simply put: no. The Auto app now provides 95% of everything that makes Android Auto head units so great, at 0 percent of the cost.
  • How To Manage the Call Reject / Ignore List Samsung Galaxy Note 9: By following the steps below: Calls and text messages from contacts or phone numbers added to the call blocking list are automatically ignored and the call is forwarded to Voicemail.
Tap Call. Tap Call rejection. Tap Auto reject mode. Tap the required option (e.g. Auto reject numbers). Tap Auto reject list. Tap the Add (+) icon. Enter the required number or tap the Contacts icon. Tap the required location (e.g. Contacts). Tap the required contact and tap SAVE. Unblock a Number. From the home screen tap the Contacts icon ...
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Call Screen (*60): Your phone can be programmed to reject calls from selected numbers with a service called Call Screen (some phone companies might use a different name). Instead of ringing on your line, these calls are routed to a recording that tells the caller you will not take the call.
Nov 10, 2016 · I was on the verge of rejecting a call once but decided to take it. Turned out it was an unknown person who had been asked to to call me by my wife who had been seriously injured in an accident and was incapacitated. All she was able to do was give a helpful passer-by my number. Now I only reject numbers from known nuisance callers.
  • An official IP68 rating is the only feature that Samsung seems to offer at a starting price of Rs 44,999 (for the 128GB storage variant). If you are a Samsung fan, hell-bent on getting a Samsung phone or are a part of the ‘Boycott China’ brigade, there's the Galaxy S20+.

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